Facebook is Redesigning its News Feed: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook is Redesigning its News Feed

As stated by Mark Zuckerberg back in July, Facebook’s news feed has been divided in two. The new Facebook interface separates your homepage activities into the Home and Feeds tabs. Users’ in-app behaviors are tracked and used to curate personalized content for the Home tab. The Feeds section displays updates from accounts the user is subscribed to.

Zuckerberg has stated that they want to make it simpler for Facebook users to navigate their preferred content and find interesting new things to explore. It is another attempt to keep Facebook relevant in the face of TikTok. 

The algorithms that power TikTok’s For You section display platform-wide recommendations tailored to the individual user. Only posts from accounts the user has chosen to follow will appear on the following page.

But what does this entail for businesses who have built their audiences on Facebook’s news feed? Find out what the new tabs mean for your marketing strategy below.

The Facebook Homepage

The Home tab will display the most recent feed when users launch the app. The Home page, like the Feeds tab, will show postings from people the user has already been following (such as friends and family); however, the feed will give more weight to information the app’s discovery tool recommended.

In a press release, Meta said that their algorithm considered “thousands of signals” to “help cut through the clutter” and “rank material in the order we think you would find most valuable.” As part of this rated experience, “we are expanding in AI to serve recommended content better.”

Reels and Stories will be featured prominently in the Home tab. Using short-form video material like Reels can help you get your content marketing included on the homepage, increasing your brand’s exposure and potentially attracting new customers.

Eighty-five percent of the 310 marketers who participated in our poll on social media marketing reported that using short-form videos was one of their most successful strategies. If Instagram prompts you to publish your Reel automatically to Facebook, you should say “yes” the next time it does.

Using Livestream is yet another method to get featured on the Home tab. Livestream videos were cited by 69% of marketers as a critical component of successful marketing, and 72% of participants indicated that live streams are successful in general. Question-and-answer sessions, webinars, and workshops are all excellent choices for live streaming.

The Facebook Feeds Section

The Feeds section displays updates from the users’ followed pages, organizations, and communities. Ads will still appear on Feeds, but there won’t be any information from the app’s exploration section. Thus, promoting your brand’s content with Facebook ads might increase your reach in the Feeds section.

However, when that comes to Feeds, your priority should be pleasing your current audience. You’ll see numerous subsections within Feeds, including All, Friends, Favorites, Pages, and Groups. 

Keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds by ensuring that information about it is easily accessible in as many places as possible, especially the All, Groups, and Favorites tabs.

Internet marketers could tap into the interests of their target demographic by forming relevant Facebook groups. Instant Pot Community is an excellent case of a Facebook group. Instant Pot, makers of the popular multicooker, created this forum so that their customers may talk about their appliances, share recipes, and get answers to their questions. More than 3 million people are part of this community.

Depending on your perspective, the new feed format could be either helpful or cumbersome for marketers. On the bright side, if people are sharing your work, it will increase the likelihood that it will appear in their respective feeds. 

Realistically your audience

Realistically, if your audience is just checking out feeds that don’t include page posts, they can miss out on some of the most crucial information you’ve posted on your page. Those in the music and game industries will benefit greatly if that is the only content you care to consume.

If you want your live streams, videos, status updates, and polls to appear in the All & Favorites categories, you must upload them frequently and make them attractive. If you maintain a steady flow of high-quality posts, your brand will often be included in the All section. And write exciting articles and include calls to action, encouraging readers to add the company’s pages to their Preferences. You’ll also have information in that section.

Because of Meta’s update to the Facebook feed, social media marketers will need to modify their app-based efforts, but this is no longer a daunting task. Keep your viewers interested, whether browsing the Home tab or the Feeds tab, by using short-form films like Reels, discovering Livestream chances, investing in ads, and working to develop community.

Targeting Facebook Users: Prioritize Content Quality

In principle, not much has changed about how marketers interact with users on Facebook. Viewers are always interested in watching and sharing content that has meaning to them. They enjoy using Facebook to keep in touch with loved ones but are open to forming relationships with firms producing engaging material.

You should focus on achieving the right people to maximize your chances of reaching your ideal clients. The next step is to develop engaging campaigns with striking graphics and carefully prepared copy that speaks directly to the concerns of your target audience. Find out how well your campaigns are doing and try out your innovative thinking each at a time to see which ones work best.

This new version of the Facebook News Feed will make it simpler for people to find relevant stories. As a result, you may need to adjust how you interact with the platform’s users. More short-form video material, investigation of live streams, fine-tuning of Facebook ads, and community-building may be in order. It is essential to provide content that may be discovered by your intended audience wherever they may be.


According to a Facebook announcement, the social media giant has started rolling out a brand-new design for its News Feed, prioritizing user feedback by delivering more of what people already enjoy. The redesign is a throwback to the old News Feed, with a few modern updates.

Users asked their opinion on a completely revamped News Feed design and said they liked the more extensive photographs but struggled with the new layout. The new design is based on user opinions and incorporates more straightforward navigation, larger images, and a different typeface. Reports indicate that Arial for PCs and Helvetica for Macs are the two new fonts in use.

The layout of the mobile version will not change. The redesigned desktop News Feed even takes aesthetic cues from the smartphone version. The redesign is entirely aesthetic and will not affect the prioritization or visibility. Of stories in the News Feed in any way. There have been no changes to the ad display system, and there are no new guidelines for ad creative specifications or image aspect ratios.

Because of this, marketers may keep doing business as usual. Maybe Facebook finally understands that its viewers and advertisers don’t like it. It is when significant changes are pushed on them out of the blue. Companies can prepare for the new environment by increasing excellent relationships on the platform. 

Make an effort to publish high-quality content, participate in Facebook groups, and try doing live videos. You should also familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of social media advertising. And show your followers how to prioritize seeing your posts. Keep an eye on a Content writing company in Delhi to learn more about the ins & outs of social media advertising.

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