Why lifestyle micro influencers Continue To Be The Big Thing?

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The celebrity landscape continues to change and evolve. We have witnessed in the last decade the rise of influencers and their endorsing different brands and products. While not very long-ago celebrities were hired to endorse products and brands, in the previous few years, actors, chefs, athletes, and even socialites have used social media to advertise and campaign for brands they like. But the scenario has changed with the lifestyle of micro-influencers.

In 2016, over 200 brand markets witnessed the demand for ‘Lifestyle Experts .’ They are the ones with whom companies want to partner to promote their brands. Since then, the demand for Lifestyle Experts/Influencers has increased. They have become a viable choice for marketers to engage a massive audience using organic content. 

The question can remain: what is helping in the growth of lifestyle micro-influencers and why collaborating with them is a good marketing strategy for a brand? This article will discuss the reason for the demand for lifestyle influencers. 

What Are Lifestyle Micro-Influencers? 

Before we go into the reasons that make lifestyle micro influencers vital for a brand’s marketing strategy, which leads to the demand for these individuals, let’s discuss what the phrase ‘lifestyle micro influencers’ refers to.

To understand the phrase, we need to know that influencers are typically divided into five types based on their followers on social media platforms. 

Nano influencers: 1,000 to 10,000 

Micro-influencers: 10,000 to 100,000 

Macro influencers: 100,000 to 500,000 

Mega influencers: 500,000 to 1 million 

Celebrity influencers: Over 1 million 

Who is a lifestyle influencer?

The simple answer is a lifestyle influencer is an individual with a dedicated account. It works as an influencer in posting content that can range from food, vacation plans, diet plans, healthy cooking, or the challenges they face in their lives. They document their lives and give a candid look into what they do, which makes them relatable. 

Lifestyle influencers are known for sharing facets of their lives without glossing over the bad and the ugly. One of the primary reasons the audience follows them is the trust they develop with their online community. Also, the beautifully shot interesting content often becomes the go-to place to find inspiration, tips, and ideas. 

These lifestyle influencers’ relatability inspires their followers to use their recommended products. 

Who are lifestyle micro-influencers?

A lifestyle micro-influencer is an influencer who dedicates their work to the lifestyle sector. They can have a niche or create content encompassing an extensive breadth of items, while their followers are not over 100,000. They are often the sought-after influencers because micro-influencers are known for their impressive audience engagement. On the other hand, since lifestyle influencers can spread their content across a large field, they often make the most in-demand influencers because of their versatility in their account. 

For example, it would not make sense for a headphone company to collaborate with a food influencer. On the other hand, a lifestyle influencer can talk about food and headphone on their channel and still increase the brand’s visibility. 

Why do Lifestyle Micro Influencers continue To Be In Demand?

The versatility that the lifestyle influencers bring in is unmatched. It is especially beneficial for niche brands that are starting and do not have an existing community on social media platforms. Lifestyle influencers can promote multiple vertices instead of being trapped into a specific niche. 

For instance, an account of a lifestyle influencer who belongs to a mom can talk about a family trip, how she keeps the kids busy during the holidays, and how they take care of the pet in the house. A mom influencer can collaborate with a detergent brand and showcase its effectiveness in cleaning a dirty jersey. On the other hand, they can collaborate with an art and craft brand.  

Apart from the versatility, other factors make the lifestyle influencers demand among the brands. 


First and foremost, micro-influencers are real people and a celebrity. Hence, the content and the medium they select to discuss the brands and products make them trustworthy and relatable. These are the two critical qualities that most brands look to incorporate into their programs. 

For the followers, it is realistic for a micro lifestyle influencer to try out a new kitchen gadget instead of a celebrity. Many brands tie up with nano or micro lifestyle influencers to showcase and capitalize the everyday life in their campaigns, targeting the audience with regular lifestyles. 

Know Their Audience

The nano and micro-influencers have been able to build a following on their social media platforms on the grounds of knowing their audience. Brands’ need to connect with their customers is vital, which they can do with the help of influencers. When they collaborate with micro-influencers, who have built their following from the ground, the community connection is more than the celebrity influencers. These micro-influencers are connected with their community and know their pulse and what makes them tick. 

These influencers often ask their followers what they want as the content, hence having an engagement rate off the charts. They work on learning the ropes of what will keep the audience engaged and invested in their community. Therefore come as the most authentic influencers. 

Content Is Unique 

For any lifestyle influencer, content is the core in getting them established. So, when a brand sees a lifestyle influencer already over thousand followers, it is obvious they know the ropes of creating quality and unique content. When an influencer is brought to the table for camping, they not only have to approve and review the content, but when given the liberty, they can be a great content creator. Brands often find this beneficial since the influencers know the audience’s pulse and the kind of content they will like. 

Final Words

Want to find the lifestyle micro-influencers for your brand so you can improve your ROI? They will cost you less than niche and celebrity influencers. But you must be mindful of the audience you want to tap into and find a similar lifestyle influencer. You can easily find nano or micro lifestyle influencers who will align with your brand from the talent pool of Influencer.

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