MilesWeb Review: Is Their WordPress Hosting Any Good?


Are you looking for MilesWeb WordPress hosting review? 

MilesWeb is an ideal alternative to many other expensive web hosting companies out there in the industry. WordPress cloud hosting from MilesWeb is also a best option to host your website from anywhere around the globe. 

Many customers around the world land on fastest wordpress hosting from MilesWeb with 24/7 support. Because, their WordPress hosting service is worth it! In this MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting review, we will show you what the company offers, the list of features you get, and how reliable their WordPress hosting is, and what prices you can expect. 

So, in the end, you get to make a clear decision if MilesWeb is the right WordPress host for you! 

Let’s dig in! 

What’s MilesWeb?

Established in 2012, MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting providers in India. They offer a broad range of web hosting services catering to the requirements and budgets of clients. 

MilesWeb has been an award-winning web host and is recognized for its super-fast hosting and top-notch customer support. To date, they have acquired around 40,000+ clients globally. 

Speaking about managed wordpress hosting by MilesWeb, they stand out as a super-fast managed WordPress host. Managed WordPress hosting meaning, wherein they take complete care of the server administration and management task. You don’t have to worry about server optimization, monitoring, tweaking PHP versions, means all the technical stuff. With this, you get to focus more time on growing your business. 

Notable Features with MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting 

Here are the features you get with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting:

Free Domain Name

 Claim your identity online with a domain name from MilesWeb. They offer a free domain name with their Turbo WordPress hosting plan. The domain name you get will be free for the first year, and you have to pay renewal charges from the second year. MilesWeb offers the best deal, meaning WordPress hosting with a free domain name. 

Automatic WordPress Updates 

With MilesWeb, you don’t have to check for the updates manually. The software present at the backend of your site will automatically upgrade it to the latest version. Additionally, their technical team keeps a track of the upgrades to the WordPress platform. Plugins as well as other site-specific addons are installed as soon as they are released. 

Fast SSD Storage Drives 

MilesWeb stores all websites on powerful SSD storage drives. The SSD drives maximize the performance of your website and are 10xfaster than traditional HDD drives. 


The security of your WordPress website is highly important. And thus, we include an SSL certificate to keep your site secure from threats and malware. An SSL certificate on a website creates strong encryption between website visitors and web browsers. However, it also helps to improve the SEO rankings. 


Let’s first start this MilesWeb review by knowing about the pricing, since this is the main aspect you want to know before purchasing any service. We’ve found that MilesWeb is one of the affordable hosts out there to host your WordPress sites. 

Here’s the pricing: 

MilesWeb’s pricing is crystal clear, and also, you don’t have to pay charges for renewal. They do not put any limit on the essential features, your site needs to perform better, but they put a cap on the websites you can host, bandwidth, disk space and more. 

Their entry-level WordPress hosting plan costs Rs.60/m on a subscription of three years. It’s beneficial to purchase the three-year hosting plan, as you get to save more. 

This plan is ideal for hosting your initial-level WordPress site. If you’ve got a high-traffic WordPress site, you can anytime upgrade to the high-tier plan, Turbo. It costs Rs.255/m for three years of subscription. With this plan, there’s no limit on the number of sites you want to host. 

Tyro (Rs.60/m), Geeky (Rs.99/m), Rapid (Rs.150/m) and Turbo (Rs.255/m). 

 Customer Support 24×7 

MilesWeb stands out in terms of customer support they offer. You get good support on all hosting plans, no matter your tier. You can get assistance from their professional team 24×7 via email and live chat. What’s more impressive is that MilesWeb’s support is available in the local language, including, English, Hindi & Marathi. 

 Additionally, they also have an extensive knowledge base, wherein there are hundreds of self-help articles to help you get started easily and quickly. 


The sign of a quality web host is how well it performs. After all, having a super-fast website is vital for offering a positive user experience to your visitors and keeping the bounce rate low. Fortunately, MilesWeb offers the following features to help you get the best performance: 

  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee 
  • Solid State Drives 

Additionally, they have Tier-4 data centers that deliver the best uptime and performance to your websites. The availability of websites on the internet is the primary concern and ensure your website is available online at all times.

MilesWeb’s Additional Services:

Outbound Email Filtering: (Rs 100.00 INR Monthly)

Get rid of email delivery issues caused by IP address blacklisting. Improve your security by automatically shutting off compromised accounts and scripts. Email security and delivery at scale. Detect and prevent email misuse from compromised accounts.

Domain SSL: (Rs 700.00 INR Annually)

Domain SSL Certificates include a trust seal that you may display on your website to boost visitor confidence and customer conversions. It is an excellent source of trust.

Google Workspace: (Rs 1500.00 INR Annually)

Upgrade to Google Workspace to access professional Gmail at your domain, as well as Google Drive online storage, Calendar, Meet, and other business-related features.

Check out MilesWeb customer review:

Final Words of MilesWeb Review 2022

In short, the answer is yes. MilesWeb’s WordPress is good and worth it. They’re not only affordable but also focused WordPress optimized servers to make the site run faster than ever. 

Getting started with MilesWeb is also very easy and includes free site migrations. Their team will take complete care of the migration process without having you worry about downtime or any technical aspects. Overall, they are a great choice for WordPress hosting. So, if you are ready to level up, get started with the leading WordPress hosting provider, MilesWeb. 

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